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Dr. John Coyne

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“To the dr. John Coyne family - my too far belated condolences. My prayer that the dr. Coyne family will be greatly comforted in the Lord Jesus, as...Read More »
1 of 69 | Posted by: maria siagian - new york, NY

“I was both saddened and devastated to learn the news of John's passing over one year ago. For 18 years I was part of the Coyne/O'Sullivan family and...Read More »
2 of 69 | Posted by: Linda (O'Sullivan) Hutchins - NY

“I am quite out of the loop here, but Dr. Coyne was my FAA examiner, and I am very saddened to hear of his passing. I was looking for his number to...Read More »
3 of 69 | Posted by: Rob Donner - Astoria, NY

“Although a full year has lapsed since I lost my beloved brother John Coyne I still find myself wanting to call him and ask advice. He was so...Read More »
4 of 69 | Posted by: Kathy Coyne Janz - Atherton, CA

“I was unable to write a memory after my brother died. It was so painful a loss. It is equally painful still, a year later but I want my tribute...Read More »
5 of 69 | Posted by: Noreen Coyne - Ridgewood, NJ

“In 3 days, it will be a year since my beloved brother John passed away. I cant possibly express how good he was to me, how very much I loved him,...Read More »
6 of 69 | Posted by: Joan Coyne - New York, NY

“Dr. John Coyne was an old school primary care physician that cared for his patients in a compassionate and conscientious manner. While I came under...Read More »
7 of 69 | Posted by: Ricardo Torres - New York, NY

“To the family of John Coyne. I am a former patient of John and just heard of his passing after i thought of him and decided to search him online. I...Read More »
8 of 69 | Posted by: Marcus Odierno - New york, NY

“Dr. Coyne was my primary doctor for 20 years from 1986 forward. A skilled and highly regarded MD. And generally a fun guy, the patients in the...Read More »
9 of 69 | Posted by: James Croak - New York, NY

“John was my primary care physician in the late 1980's, when his office was on East 36th Street in Manhattan. I, too, graduated from Fordham College...Read More »
10 of 69 | Posted by: Lewis Goodman - La Jolla, CA

“Doctor Coyne was my primary care physician for several years. He was kind, thoughtful and witty, and a man completely devoted to his profession..He...Read More »
11 of 69 | Posted by: Richard Bruzzi - New york, NY

“Dr. Coyne was a great physician, witty but strong to get his point across. He was a very caring physician for me and my mom. You will be very much...Read More »
12 of 69 | Posted by: R Bhatt - NY - coworker

“He was my good doctor for decades. I wish he still was. Condolences to friends and family especially his boys who he loved so dearly. ”
13 of 69 | Posted by: Lance Brown - New York

“Sincere condolences to his family. He was my mother's physician for the past 6 years. He managed her care with kindness, compassion and brilliance. ...Read More »
14 of 69 | Posted by: Susan Allender - OAK RIDGE, NJ

“My boyfriend and I delighted in sharing stories about our medical appointments with Dr. Coyne. It was like visiting a caring, wise family member. ...Read More »
15 of 69 | Posted by: laine barton - new york, NY

“Best doctor ever. Straightforward, honest and upright. ”
16 of 69 | Posted by: Jared Pinnell - New York, NY

“I just found out today that Dr. Coyne has died. He had been my doctor for 20 years. I saw him last about this time last year and he was fine and we...Read More »
17 of 69 | Posted by: patrick bradley - brooklyn, NY

“To the Coyne Family, please accept my deepest belated condolences. News of John's passing fills me with great sadness and shock. (After 30 years as...Read More »
18 of 69 | Posted by: Adrian Saker - Brooklyn, NY

“We went back a long time and Dr. Coyne had been taking care of me for long time.There was no one better then Dr. Coyne. ”
19 of 69 | Posted by: George Obremski - NY

“We did not know that Dr. Coyne had died when I sent this letter to his office on February 26. I knew he was very sick but hoped this would find him...Read More »
20 of 69 | Posted by: Stuart Leigh - 131 Avenue B #1B, NY

“I didn't have the pleasure of having him as my doctor for very long, and I am sorry about that. I found him to be a warm and considerate gentleman...Read More »
21 of 69 | Posted by: Nancy Llewellyn - New York, NY

“So sad to learn of Dr. Coyne's passing. He was my family's physician, and when I returned from California he became mine. Loved his sense of humor,...Read More »
22 of 69 | Posted by: Arleen Mahoney - New York, NY

“Dr. Coyne was my primary care physician for 30 years . he was recommended to me by an elderly neighbor ; US National Coach and Chess-master Jack...Read More »
23 of 69 | Posted by: Richard Kronish - New York City, NY

“I was a patient of Dr. Coyne. I loved the simplicity and directness of his practice. He was there to attend to his patients' health, and for no other...Read More »
24 of 69 | Posted by: Livia Tenzer - New York, NY

“Dr. Coyne, You are gone for now but God willing we will meet again. In the interim you will be sorely missed. ”
25 of 69 | Posted by: Joyce Collins - New York, NY

“Dr. Coyne was our family Dr. for over 12 years. I will never forget his humane and outstanding help during my partner's illness. A wonderful Dr. and...Read More »
26 of 69 | Posted by: L. Mello - Johnstown, PA

“Dr. Coyne was our family physician for many years. I also considered him a friend. He was both a great doctor and a good man. I will always remember...Read More »
27 of 69 | Posted by: Angelo DeCesare - New York, NY

“My husband & I were patients of Dr. Coyne for nearly 30 years. His expertise & humor helped us both. I last saw Dr. Coyne this past August then we...Read More »
28 of 69 | Posted by: Lenora Calanni - New York, NY

“Dr Coyne, you were my physician from 2003 until this past fall. No matter what changed in my life or in the city I could count on you keeping me...Read More »
29 of 69 | Posted by: Drew Thurlow - Brooklyn, NY

“Dr. Coyne you were only my doctor for a short while. I went to see you fretting about a pain I got during exercise, you examined me and then...Read More »
30 of 69 | Posted by: Diane Koeppel - NYC

“I thought he would be our family doctor forever. Instead, just a few years. He will live in our memories as a model of how a doctor and a person...Read More »
31 of 69 | Posted by: Gerard Koeppel - New York City, NY

“John Coyne was my doctor for 25 years and was a highly committed, highly intelligent and compassionate doctor. Dr. Coyne exemplified integrity and...Read More »
32 of 69 | Posted by: Mark Helias - NYC, NY

“I am so saddened to hear of Dr. Coyne's passing. He was a kind and compassionate doctor and my physician for over 30 years. His kindness and advice...Read More »
33 of 69 | Posted by: Mary Price Abbott - New York, NY

“I am very sorry and saddened to hear of Dr. Coyne's passing. He had been my primary physician for the past few years and I appreciated his...Read More »
34 of 69 | Posted by: Ricardo Torres - New York, NY

“Dr. Coyne was a wonderful and caring physician. He took care of my parents for many years, and was so kind to them and me, the aretaker. My...Read More »
35 of 69 | Posted by: Margaret Avard - New York, NY

“To the family of John Coyne, so sorry for your loss. May God's promise found in John 6:40, of the hope to see our loved ones again, comfort your...Read More »
36 of 69 | Posted by: LF

“I am so sorry to hear of Dr. Coyne's passing. He was my MD for many years in addition to my sisters Susan, Ann, Mary, and Delores and other family...Read More »
37 of 69 | Posted by: Isabelle McCloskey - New York, NY

“My deepest condolences to Dr. Coyne's family. He was my doctor in Stuyvesant Town for more than 20 years. I was so sorry to hear of his illness and...Read More »
38 of 69 | Posted by: Ralph Haswell - New York, NY

“I am honored and blessed to have known Dr. Coyne. He was my doctor for more than 20 years. May our Lord bless and comfort his wife and family during...Read More »
39 of 69 | Posted by: Rita Letellier - NEW YORK, NY

“My sincerest condolences to the family of Dr. Coyne. He was our family doctor many years ago, and a familiar fixture in Stuyvesant Town. He will be...Read More »
40 of 69 | Posted by: Eileen Segur-Kopiske - NY, NY

“I was a nurse at Mary Manning Nursing Home. he was a wonderful doctor and a gentleman, so sorry to hear of his passing - too soon ”
41 of 69 | Posted by: Lillian Mills - Brooklyn, NY

“frequently talked fondly of his sons and wife and i filled him in on my children's progress ... good doctor ...... always answered my questions in an...Read More »
42 of 69 | Posted by: Joseph Mendez - larchmont, NY

“Dr. Coyne was my doctor for a number of years. He was a good listener and a great doctor. His practice was a one stop shop. He did everything from...Read More »
43 of 69 | Posted by: Barbara Dillon - New York, NY

“John was the best brother a person could have. As someone else said he was an angel in human form. When we were young (myself and twin sister) John...Read More »
44 of 69 | Posted by: Liz Coyne Craig - New York, NY

“To the Coyne Family, My deepest condolences to all of you. I was a patient for 20 years but I also remember Dr Coyne as a resident when I worked at...Read More »
45 of 69 | Posted by: Karyn Campion - New York, NY

“Dearest Loreen,On behalf of your Westfield WTC and LA Family, we were very saddened to hear the news of your husband's passing. Our deepest...Read More »
46 of 69 | Posted by: Darlene Veloso - New York, NY

“He was an altar boy, which informed his life's view even as a doctor. Dr. Coyne would look up / research matters and take out diagrams to explain...Read More »
47 of 69 | Posted by: Peter Lindner - NYC, NY

“So sorry to hear of Dr. Coyne's untimely passing. He was a wonderful doctor and I am so grateful that I was his patient. God Bless the good doctor...Read More »
48 of 69 | Posted by: Clare Murphy - New York, NY

“Dr. Coyne was a saint of a man. He was kind,caring and gentle.John surely did Gods work for us all Kathleenqmurray ”
49 of 69 | Posted by: Kathleen Murray

“My prayers and condolences to the family ”
50 of 69 | Posted by: Anne Walsh - NY, NY - Coworker

“Lauren and family there are no words to express to adaquitly express for the loss of a loved one, but know that time a great healer will bring you...Read More »
51 of 69 | Posted by: Don MacLennan - Peekskill, NY

“Dr. C, From my heart and soul I thank you for your primary care of me for the past twenty years. I will be forever grateful for your referral to...Read More »
52 of 69 | Posted by: Jack Sebastian - New York, NY

“The John Coyne I knew was a compassionate doctor who had a beautiful and caring soul. It was a privilege to know him. ”
53 of 69 | Posted by: Margaret Milano - New York, NY

“Laureen, I remember the summer you met John and brought him Cape Cod to meet us. He was handsome, smart, funny, kind and Irish, just how we liked...Read More »
54 of 69 | Posted by: Elaine McDermott ( no relation) Carey - MA

“How very sad the loss of such a special human being and really human who cared deeply for his patients like we were all part of his...Read More »
55 of 69 | Posted by: Christy Brown - NY

“You were the best doctor ever Dr. Coyne.God bless you and your family.You will be missed by all you have touched in this life. ”
56 of 69 | Posted by: Jessie Rampersad - NYC, NY

“Our heartfelt condolences to Laureen and family. You and John are in our thoughts and prayers. Heartache ebbs ever so slowly but never truly subsides...Read More »
57 of 69 | Posted by: Joseph Pasanello - Haymarket, VA

“Dr. John Coyne treated both me and my wife for some 25 years. He was a compassionate caregiver who took seriously the Hippocratic dictum: First do no...Read More »
58 of 69 | Posted by: anthony mancini - New York, NY

“I thought we'd have time together as we finished our careers . But I'm glad for the 40 years that I did have enjoying lifeWith a good friend . You...Read More »
59 of 69 | Posted by: Brian McCulloch - Hinsdale, IL

“So sorry to hear of his passing. He took care of my husband and was always on point about his health care. He will be missed. RIP. ”
60 of 69 | Posted by: Al and Lucy Lewis - New York, NY

“What a great loss to his family, his patients and the medical profession. Dr. Coyne was a role model for patient care and I always cited him as such...Read More »
61 of 69 | Posted by: Lynda Confessore - NYC, NY

“What a sudden and heart wrenching pall is cast among so many who knew and were patients of Dr. Coyne's. He was professional, classy, funny, always...Read More »
62 of 69 | Posted by: Liza Wherry - Madison, CT

“So sorry to hear this He was lour doctor for years We were so saddened to hear this ”
63 of 69 | Posted by: Marcia and Stu Portnet - NYC, NY

“I loved spending time with you at the beach. I loved when you cooked fish for dinner. Your bacon and eggs at breakfast were the best. Thanks for...Read More »
64 of 69 | Posted by: A friend

“Cared for the health needs of my mom,dad, 3 sons and myself. A family doctor in every sense. He took an interest in not just his patients health but...Read More »
65 of 69 | Posted by: Michael McMorrow - New York, NY

“Until we meet again, my friend.RIP. ”
66 of 69 | Posted by: Julia Canale - New York, NY

“In loving memory of a wonderful person. You were more than a Doctor; you were a friend that really cared for the people who came to your office; you...Read More »
67 of 69 | Posted by: Eugene Reilly (Patient) - NY

“R.I.P MY FRIEND.... ”
68 of 69 | Posted by: robert wellhofer - point pleasant, NJ

69 of 69 | Posted by: robert wellhofer - point pleasant, NJ

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John A. Coyne M.D., 65 died peacefully surrounded by his family on February 5, 2019. John is survived by his wife Laureen (nee McDermott), sons Jack and Kieran; sisters Kathryn Janz (James), Joan Coyne (Charles Benda), Noreen Coyne (Frank Skuthan), Elizabeth Craig (Sam); sisters-in-law Colleen McDermott, Jeanine O'Brien (Kevin), Patrice McDermott, and brother-in-law Brian McDermott (Lorraine). John had many cherished nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by his parents. John was a graduate of Fordham University and New York Medical College. Dr. Coyne was an attending physician at St. Vincent's Hospital and Mary Manning Walsh Nursing Home. Most recently he was affiliated with Beth Israel and NYU Langone. He practiced internal medicine in Stuyvesant Town for more than 30 years.
Viewing Monday, Feb 11, 2019, 4-8 pm Greenwich Funeral Home and funeral service Grace Church, Tuesday, Feb 12, 2019, 11 am.
Donations may be made in Dr. Coyne's memory to the Bowery Mission who will honor him by continuing to provide free medical care and other services to homeless New Yorkers.